Integrating Scripture into your life

Learn- Reflecting on Scripture each day, especially on Jesus’ life and teachings

  • Start with Mark. Head to Genesis next. Beginners will find books that are narratives are most accessible.
  • Rotate through the 4 Gospels while you read other books. This keeps the narrative of Jesus present in your life.
  • Read a chapter of the Old Testament, New Testament and a Gospel like we do in our readings on Sunday.
  • Do the daily offices- Mission St. Clare
  • Pray as you Go
  • The Way of Love Bible Challenge (50 day challenge with different authors $15 on Amazon
  • The Way of Love LEARN $8.95 on Amazon (Each of the 7 practices have a book)
  • Wednesday Morning Prayer
  • Wednesday night Bible Study
  • Book of Common Pray (hard copy or online at
  • Noonday Prayer on Castbox and Spotify with me (Summer Green)
  • Work with a Spiritual Director or find group Spiritual Direction near you.
  • Music! Hymns can lead you straight into scripture. Psalms are easy to find on Youtube. See the bottom of my post on Noonday Prayer for examples.