One Big Lie We Have to Stop Believing

At the very core of ever person there is a desire to be loved.  God has given us both the desire for and the fulfillment of love in himself. We are dearly loved and cherished.  He has created us and desires an intimate relationship with us because of how loved and precious we are.  When we believe the lie that we are unloved, the consequences color everything about our lives and leave us hurting and lonely instead of living in freedom and joy.

Here are 3 false thoughts that lead us to the belief that we are unloved:

Love is revocable. This comes from the lie that I have to earn God’s love.  But friends, there is no amount of ministry, sacrifice, good deeds, or right living that will ever earn even a drop of God’s love.  We  can not buy or gain his favor, therefore we can not lose it either.  His love is freely given and his grace is always available.  God promises that his unearned love will never be taken away.

Love is scarce.   Often we live in guilt and shame–as though our mistakes and sins are just inches from being too much for God…inches from him saying that enough is enough…inches from him using some tough love on us and throwing us out until we clean ourselves up. In our shame, we often believe that God just doesn’t have enough love to cover our darkness. But God is actually nothing like that at all.  He loves us just as we are.  When we ask, he cleans up our messes and sets us right again himself. He never gets to his wits end or withholds his love from us.  This is because his love is based on his goodness and not of us.  God’s unending love for his children is ours regardless of the number or severity of our mistakes.

Love-Blindness Our pain and negative self-talk can steal our perspective leaving us unable to see all of the ways that God shows his love for us.  His creation-love is on display for us daily and is felt as a cool breeze on a busy afternoon or a beautiful multicolored sunset. His companionship-love is given in the form of a phone call on a lonely day or an encouraging word from a stranger.  His providing-love is evident as we eat, pay our bills, and sleep in our homes at night.  His great love for us is overwhelming if we purpose to see it.

God’s word says that all things are brought together for and through Christ.  This means that those things that we often think are a coincidence or are brought about by our own abilities, are in reality always God. Turning our thoughts into grateful acknowledgements of his love in our lives, changes our hearts from the inside out.  As our hearts soften, we begin to see his fingerprints all around us, see his love played out in us, and feel more closely connected to him.  God meets us there and heals our black and white Love-Blindness and replaces it with his multi-color vision of true love for us.

Our broken hearts need to know the truth about God’s love for us.  It’s not wishful thinking, it’s Biblical truth that brings freedom, joy, and peace.  God, indeed so loved the world…Yes, God indeed loves you.