First Things First

Hi!  One of my favorite sayings has become, “Everyone has a story”.  It’s totally true, and it is so much fun hearing about them from all kinds of people.  Well friends, I have a story too and since you are here hanging out on the blog with me, I’ll assume you’d like to hear a chapter of mine.

I’ve kinda fallen into writing a little later than most.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  Writing has always been a part of my life from poetry to passionate pleas to stop human trafficking.  As an adult, I have often woken up with poems in my head or the beginning lines of something I should write.  I thought it was pretty normal, so typically I just ignored the whole thing.  That is, until one day I didn’t.  A beautiful life altering experience was the important inciting incident that unlocked my writing voice.  This incident gave me a new awareness that my voice mattered and that somehow, it held value to others that I had never previously felt.  So now, when I wake up with poems flowing out of my heart, I began to write them down and text them to friends. All kinds of things I am passionate about began to flow out and onto paper and  into the world through social media.

Jesus has used this experience to change and move me as I have never experienced before.  He has cracked open my heart and life in such an unexpected way, and in obedience to him, I try to open it all up for others.  Writing publicly has been terrifying.  It has forced me to be brave, humble, vulnerable, and honest daily.  I am learning to love and embrace it as it forces me to cling to Jesus in a new and deeper way.  Right now, he is calling me to follow him into this blog world and I am excited to be doing just that.   Yesterday he compelled me to encourage others on Facebook, today it’s a new blog — which I dedicate solely to his glory.  Tomorrow?  I can only guess what it will be.  I do know that out of obedience and love,  I will step out right behind wherever he leads.  Exciting and hard and beautiful is what I’m counting on this place he calls me to be.  Will you join me?  Let’s step out and together see where God wants to take us as we learn to love him and one another more and more.