Hey friend!

You’ve found a home where love is spoken, joy is practiced, and hugs are freely and imperfectly given.

Can you believe that out of all of the people in this world, and all of the different languages there are, and all of the blogs out there, we have found each other?  It’s amazing!  I hope you’ll stay–let’s become friends.  It is my hope that you will find encouragement, connection, and friendship here.

I am devoted to encouraging you to see love and joy in everyday happenings.  Yep, finding that sweet sacred spot even when everything isn’t fun and fantastic.  As a follower of Jesus,  I love sharing where I see the fingerprints of God in my world and I want to encourage you to put on holy glasses and see them too. It is my hope that you’ll  find community, encouragement and conviction here as we journey together– walking this one sacred and beautiful life together.