4 Reasons to Love Monday Mornings

For a really long time, Mondays have been my favorite day of the week.  I crave a restart button in my life, and Mondays often provide just that.  Here are my 4 reasons that I hope will help why you should love Mondays too.

New Grace and Mercy  Mondays mornings are a great time to reflect on the previous week and create new intentions about the coming one.  I look at areas where I have failed or have gone off track, and start a new dialogue with God about them. I seek his forgiveness and mercy, and he pours his grace over the “should have and should not have beens.”  It’s a gift to start fresh and I am able to recommit to the important things without dragging the failure of the past week along with me.  Grace is available every day, but I often feel the need for it most on Monday mornings when my negative self-talk and tiredness want to bring me down.

New Faith   Looking at the previous week, I get to see where God has been at work.  I ask myself some questions to help me get a right perspective and take away some of the blurriness.  Where do I see God’s fingerprints?  Where are my prayers being answered?  When am I accepting God “at work” as coincidence?  Did I respond the same way I always do to situations, or was there God-growth in my hardness? Do I see change in hard situations? Is God revealing a new calling or gifting?  Where God provide what I needed? What did God do that was unexpected? Delightful? Hard? All of these questions lead me to refocusing my heart on the kingdom and produces in me a deeper faith.

New Opportunities Peering ahead and planning a new week is exciting.  Sure, we all have the things we have to do and need to do, but if we are honest, we have lots of extra time too.  Mondays get me excited about all of the things I hope to do, and they give me the opportunity to plan ahead to squeeze the goodness into all of the fringe time I can find.  Looking at my calendar I start to squeeze in things that make my life good, beautiful, and full.  This week I’m looking for time to do these things:

  • Coffee with a very old friend so we can encourage each other on our journey as families with Autism.
  • Reading the Lego Brick edition of some Shakespeare with my family.
  • Cook a good dinner.
  • Pray about the details of a mission trip I believe God is calling me to.
  • Send out encouraging post cards to friends I know are hurting.
  • Soak up the Pacific Ocean.
  • Go for a long beach walk with my hubby.

Fringe time is the best and Mondays give me the opportunity to use it to its fullest by planning ahead. Planning is important and comes very naturally to me, but God also wants me to be flexible.  As I plan, I dedicate the week, and all that it will be, to the Lord for his glory and his purposes. I also dedicate my heart to him asking for help to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit so that I will be willing to set my plans aside when he asks. When my heart is right with God, I can embrace change as a new opportunity for obedience and not as an inconvenience. [pullquote] When my heart is right with God, I can embrace change as a new opportunity for obedience and not as an inconvenience.         -Summer Green[/pullquote]

New Praise  When I regularly refocus my eyes on God and kingdom life, I can’t help but praise him.  His work in my life is intimate, tangible and beautiful. This becomes a new living praise that is based on my very own relationship and encounter with God himself and not on the experiences of someone else.  Worship becomes real and not rote, and it not only pleases God but it opens my heart, out of gratitude, to living the life he sets before me. New grace, mercy, faith, opportunities, and praise are all beautiful byproducts of Monday mornings spent with Jesus.

Happy Monday Friends!









Why love is still the answer the world is waiting to for.

Oh friends, what would it look like if we just loved each other?  If we held each other when we were weak and chose kind words and caring actions that supported each other?  What if we set aside our pride, our vanity, our preconceived notions, and our selfishness?  If we chose to be in the mix with those who are messy and not at all like us. What would that kind of world be like?  I wonder.  I think it would be the way we all deeply long for this world to be.  Wouldn’t it? It would fill us with the joy that we sometimes feel is just out of reach.  If we chose to love, we would not need to fear one another or wonder what motivates others. We would be free to be vulnerable and known and it would be extraordinary. I believe that I’m not alone in saying that it just feels like that is the way it is supposed to be.  Perhaps the way it was originally intended?

 Yes and amen and yes again?  This world will never be what our deepest hearts are hoping for, but there is hope.  We were created for a kingdom of love.  It’s not a fantasy.  It is a promise sealed with blood. Today I want to hold your hand and remind you of this truth.  I want to hug you and whisper it in your ear.  You are loved and created for a better place. This place, my friend,  is really only a few moments ahead of us.

In the mean time, lets look each other in the eye and seek to love. Let’s whisper it in the ears of our children and write it in cards to those approaching twilight.  Let’s assume the very best from our fellow humans and truly love without knowledge of color or creed.   Let’s risk being made to look foolish or being taken advantage of.  Sure, it might not always be pretty.  You might end up hurt at times. But maybe, that might not matter quite so much. In the end, I believe the world will be grateful that you just stepped out against the current, opened your heart, and gave it your best.

“We love because he first loved us.” I John 4:9