Leaving Security; Why It’s Time For Me To Be Scared


I read an article in 2014 about human trafficking.  It shocked me and quite literally threw me off my axis.  The following months I spent hours researching to see if it was true or some sort of overhyped emotional ploy that was actually quite rare.  Sadly, it wasn’t over hyped or rare.  Human trafficking is, in reality, a global evil that is rampant and involves people being trafficked for labor, sex, and/or organ harvesting.

If you have followed me for very long, you know that I am passionate about supporting people and organizations who have stepped in to rescue and rehabilitate victims, who are working to prevent victimization to the poor and marginalized, and who are working to change laws and partner with governments to stop the exploration of  humans.  It’s a messy and complicated situation which makes it hard to talk about, but I have felt that it’s important enough to take a deep breathe and talk about it any way.

These last few years have redefined me; they have shifted me. [pullquote]God has broken my heart.  Now he is carefully using those sharp and crumbling pieces to create a more beautiful and useful one for his glory.[/pullquote]I am headed to Moldova at the end of the month to learn about and support a ministry with orphan care and transitional housing. It’s a small piece of this ugly puzzle, but it is a piece.  You see, I no longer feel comfortable sitting behind my computer and educating people or raising money.  There is an indescribable tension that I’m living with now.  It’s the tension between knowledge and action, God-calling and comfort.  I am mature enough to know that if I avoid or ignore this tension, I am not only betraying myself but God.  So while Moldova is far away and in a scary part of the world, I am choosing to leave the security of my Southern California life and go.  Bob Goff recently sent out a challenge to those who want to be change makers but don’t know how to start.  He said “Buy a plane ticket and go.  Let God break your heart and show you where to find a new one.” And that is exactly what I am doing friends.

In the next few weeks I will be answering the Why Moldova? question, but for now, can I ask you to do something for me?  Would you pray?  I would love for you to pray for Jesus to:

  • protect my heart from fear
  • provide a close connection to someone living in Istanbul
  • provide all of the supplies that I need for the work I will be doing and the time to put it together
  • cover my family in his deep and precious peace

With great love and affection for all of you! XOXO


PS I want to share with you my new favorite quote…Hope it rocks you too!

“There is a difference between being too scared to do hard things and doing hard things scared.” Shannon Martin

and my addition to the quote is…Lean into the fear, lean onto Jesus and let it all go.   So hey!  Let’s do hard things scared!

1 thought on “Leaving Security; Why It’s Time For Me To Be Scared”

  1. I always knew you had a huge heart. Your courage is inspiring! May Jesus watch over you and keep you safe. I hope you are able to take us through this journey with you. God bless!



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